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Designer Showroom

Tour Our Naples Plumbing Showroom

Our Showcase offers a complete collection of the most unique kitchen and bathroom furnishings and fixtures that will satisfy even the most eclectic eye for the unusual. If you are looking for that perfect fixture that will make a statement, or how about hiring Hills Showcase to do an entire Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel. Our Naples kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts are here to answer and educate. stop by our Naples showroom and check out our inventory. Once you step in, it will be hard for you to leave…If you are into unique fixtures, from utilitarian to modern, you might be overwhelmed the second you walk into our showroom.

Design and Remodel

Most customers come into The Showcase to see new innovations in plumbing technology while others look for something more comprehensive, they want to update their entire kitchen or bathroom to the modern or contemporary design that they may have seen at their neighbors home or in a national design publication.

It all starts with one amazing statement vanity and then another complementary fixture, and before you know it, the creative juices start to flow and the bathroom or kitchen is getting a complete overhaul. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the moment at Hill’s. We are here to offer one fixture replacement to a complete room remodel.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Working with Hill’s is much different than working with a decorator; most decorators have to juggle several subcontractors to get the same job done. When you work with Hill’s for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you get all the subcontractors in one company. Hill’s remodeling service includes a three-prong approach to a bathroom or kitchen remodel. The first is that we know plumbing fixtures, how they are made, how they work, and how they need to be installed. Our DNA at Hills originates as a company of master plumbers. In fact, Hills still runs and maintains Southwest Florida’s oldest local plumbing company. You can rest assured that a master plumber will be on site to install the most important elements of your remodel. Secondly, we are Florida state insured contractors. Most designers need to subcontract out to a Florida contractor. At Hill’s we are the designer, contractor and installer. And lastly, we are the retail supplier for most of the elements within your kitchen or bathroom remodel. This affords our customers the flexibility in delivery and cost. We have a collection of fixtures more inclusive than any bathroom or kitchen retailers. Stop in Hill’s and see why we have an unmatched reputation for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.