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Naples Plumbing Companies, Naples PlumbersWhether your Naples home is new or old, in Port Royal or in The Vineyards, Naples plumbing companies all understand that sewage backups do not discriminate between neighborhoods.  There are many Naples plumbing companies but Bob Hill Plumbing is the only plumber that has been servicing the Naples and Bonita Springs area for over 60 years. Plumbing technology has changed quite a bit over the years, and so have installation methods.  Bob Hill Plumbing Company has adapted over the years to offer a range of services outside what you might expect from a typical plumber, we specialize in the “hard to find” kitchen fixtures and bathroom accessories. Check out our virtual showroom or just stop by and see the massive local inventory of fixtures. If you are looking for the perfect fixture, chances are it is in our showroom.

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This page highlights some of the most common problems we face when we get called for service. From toilet issues to fixture replacement, the below information might help you understand the services we offer.  First and foremost we are here to be your plumbing consultant. We may need to consult with you before we fix a hot water heater or faucet. If it just doesn’t make sense to put money into something that is old and outdated we want to let you know your options in advance. Bob Hill Plumbing is not like all the other Naples plumbing companies, we want to be your kitchen and bath consultant. If your have any questions on how something works or if you have a concern about a fixture, do not hesitate to call your kitchen and bath consultant. We are just a phone call away.


Toilets and Naples Plumbing Repairs

What did we do without toilets? When they break we need to call the Naples plumber, if you have a backing up issue then your issue is an emergency. Please let us know if this is an emergency and a Hill’s plumber will be on their way to your home. In a non-emergency issue we look at all the toilets on the house, chances are they all will soon have the same issues. Many times it’s just a worn out flapper, sometimes it’s a broken fill valve.  But for whatever reason, your toilet is not doing what you want it to, Bob Hill Plumbing will be there to diagnose and consult and fix or replace.


Leaking/dripping faucets

Just like any other fixture in the house, your faucet has multiple unique parts, which could be contributing to your problem. People think faucets should last as long as your home, but the truth is, your faucets get used more than any other item in your home and they ware out. A faucet can cost a homeowner much more in repair than replacement if your plumber does not consult properly.

Faucets are mostly a quick fix for a professional plumber but parts can be a bigger issue. Unfortunately there are not standard parts in each make and model of fixture. Older fixtures may have to be replaced because the parts simply do not exist any longer.

Note: Hill’s stocks many hard to find parts and accessories for foreign and domestic faucet manufactures, if it can be fixed; your best option in Naples is Hills.


Leaking drains

There are a handful of Naples plumbing companies that just focus on leaks and leak detection. This is a specialized part of the plumbing industry and Bob Hill plumbing is one of your best options for that hard to find leak. In Florida, you never want to take a leak lightly. Not only can it cause hundreds of dollars in additional water bills, it can also cost thousands of dollars in damage, if you are in a high-rise, villa, condo or townhome you could be damaging someone else’s property too. If it’s under your sink, under your house, 20 stories high or under the ground, we can find it, get to it, and repair it.  We have special technology that can detect where the leak is and we will fix it once and for all.


Plumbing Fixture replacement

These days we are taking leaps in technological breakthroughs, Not just in cell phones, cars and TV’s, I seems that everything in our lives have been improved to make things last longer and work more efficiently. The same goes for your kitchen and bathroom appliances and fixtures. Change maybe because you feel that your fixtures are old and need to be replaced with better technology.

  1. a) Toilets
    Is it time to have your toilet replaced?   Check out these links, to our showcase of fine plumbing website. I am sure you will find something you like, whatever your budget, and will deliver and install it for you, cleanly and efficiently, you will receive the service worthy of a company that has been in business for more than 60 years.
  2. b) Faucets bathroom/kitchen
    Perhaps time for a new bathroom faucet? ?   Come to our showroom and see some of the incredible technology for yourself. You will be amazed at style, form and function all integrated with technology.
  3. c) Accessories – Tubs, pedestal sinks, farmer sinks, cabinets, heated mirrors, and vanities…the list goes on. We love to show off the cool things we have on display in our showroom. If it is out there, then it is either in our showroom or we can get it.


Naples Water Heater Repair

Naples hot water heaters, Hot water heater repairWe work on and repair tank and tank less water heaters. We recommend that a true professional do replacing a hot water heater. If something is replaced or installed incorrectly, that water heater could be a bomb waiting to explode. The pressure that accumulated in that appliance can exceed 200 pounds of pressure per square inch; you can imagine what kind of hurt that could unleash.

Whatever your problem, question, or need, Hill’s Plumbing, is here to help you come to the best solution for you.

Naples Water Heaters:
If you’re not getting enough hot water, it’s not hot enough, or your water heater is leaking, and just needs to be replaced. In some instances a tank less water heater is a wonderful solution and option.  However, it’s not always the case.

Tank less water heater retrofits can be costly, and in some instances, not practical for multiple different reasons.

Contact us to inquire about your situation, and what the best solution is for you. We will work with you to find a solution that best works for your particular situation.